Leica DISTO D1


Point, shoot, get a measurement. Or, hold the button down to get a continuous measurement as you move closer to or farther from your target.

The Leica DISTO D1 is perfect for home improvement projects like light carpentry, hanging pictures, or checking dimensions for new furniture, but it is much more than a  tape measure replacement.

The D1 connects to mobile devices, making it easy to save, organize, and share measurements. Take a picture using the DISTO Plan app, draw measurement lines on it, then use the D1 to drop precise measurements on your lines. You can also use the DISTO Plan app and D1 to create floorplans.


Down to the basics.
Not everyone needs functions like height tracking, area, or volume. The D1 is best suited for tasks like measuring for interior carpentry or flooring, checking dimensions for new furniture, or for hanging pictures on a wall.

Accurate and reliable.
It may be small and simple to use, but that doesn’t mean we sacrificed on accuracy. The D1 has just what you’d expect from a Leica DISTO (2mm accuracy), and each D1 is individually certified for accuracy and range.

Create digital floor plans.
Pair the D1 with any smartphone or tablet to create digital floor plans on the fly with the DISTO Plan app. All DISTOs include Bluetooth® connectivity.

Typ. distance measuring accuracy ± 2.0 mm / 0.08 in
Range 0.2 up to 40m / 0.67 up to 130 ft
Measuring units m, ft, in
X-Range Power Technology yes
Distance in m

Ø of the laser dot in mm


6 mm

Display illumination yes
Free software for Windows yes
Free App for iOS and Android yes
General data interface Bluetooth® Smart
Measurements per set of batteries up to 10,000*
Service life of batteries up to 20 h*
Batteries type AAA 2 × 1.5 V
Protection class IP54
Dimensions 115 × 43.5 × 23.5 mm / 4.53 x 1.71 x 0.93 in (H x D x W)
Weight with batteries  87 g / 0.19 lbs

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in